Top Tips When Moving With Kids

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moving with kids
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Moving with kids can be difficult and stressful, but if the need is really there, then doing it right will make a great difference.

If you are moving with children, it is important to tell them as soon as possible. This will give them time to say good-bye to friends. It is also important that you include them in the planning and packing, so they feel that they contribute to the move. Lastly, when moving with kids, packing can be a game of the sneaky fox who hides away the toys. You are the fox.

If you are moving with kids, then telling them in advance and giving them a say in the process is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more things that you need to consider carefully. But we understand that, so we outlined some tips below that will surely help you.

8 Tips to Remember When Moving With Kids

Moving with kids is a tricky business can kids can easily get upset with the move. But with these tips for moving with kids, hopefully you can make your kids feel a bit more at ease when you break the news to them.

1. Tell your kids as soon as possible.

Relocating with children is a big deal. You need to understand how moving affects a child. If you have stayed in your current location for a while, then you are uprooting your kids from what is normal to them to something new. That is why it is important that as soon as the decision comes down, you tell your kids as soon as possible. It will give them time to prepare and say good-bye to friends.

2. Start packing at least a week in advance.

Packing everything will take time. So it is best to pack at least a week in advance. This includes your clothes and daily necessities. Pack one duffle bag with daily clothes and necessities for every member of the family. This duffle bag will be the go-to bag for everyone for the last week on the old home and the first few days on the new one until everything is settled.

3. Plan what happens on the last week.

You need to plan how to move with kids. This includes planning how the last week at your old home will look like. By then, majority of the stuff should have been packed. The last week at the old place would most likely be spent going local places you or the kids will miss. Saying good-bye to people, sorting last-minute things before moving day comes.

4. Loop your kids in with packing.

Whether you are moving close by or moving out of state with kids, you have to loop your kids in with the packing. Not only will it make packing finish faster, but the kids will also feel that they are exerting effort with the move. Do keep watch on what they pack though as you might just end up with a bag full of toys than more important stuff.

On that note, when you are packing or getting rid of your kid’s junk stuff, it’s better to do it at night when they are asleep. The best way to avoid trouble with the kids is being a sneaky fox about throwing their stuff.

5. When your are in doubt, throw it out.

When making a move off state with kids, it is best to pack the most important items first. If you doubt whether you need to bring something or not when you move, it is best to throw it out. Because if that thing is important, you don’t be doubting in the first place.


Moving with kids is as stressful to your kids as much as it is to you. So to minimize that stress when relocating with kids, it is best to be smart and prudent about the whole process. It is best to tell your kids about it earlier and get them involved in the packing. This will make them realize that they are really moving and give them time to settle things with friends, school, etc. before the move.

Planning is also everything when moving. Plan how the last week will go, how to pack things, and how everyone will work it out. Lastly, do not forget to push your positive vibes about the move. This will help your kids accept it faster because they see that you are excited about it. It will eventually make them excited too.