Famous People from Richardson, TX

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famous people in Richardson, TX

As a city of many things, it’s no wonder why there are many famous people from Richardson, TX, with many interesting facts worth knowing.

It’s quite interesting to know facts about the famous people from Richardson. Take, for example, Eddie Jackson. Before he became a famous chef, he was a cornerback for various football teams. And Daniel Woods earned over 200,000 Instagram followers for his bouldering.

There are many more people who rose to stardom, but we may not know that it is from Richardson. Some of these people may have called the Richardson area their home since childhood. But some moved to the site and fell in love with it. Regardless, these people are tied to Richardson, and it is worth knowing how they lived and the city and more.

3 Famous People from Richardson, TX

Many famous people hail from Richardson. Some of them since childhood but some just moved to the area. Let’s look into the history of these people and checkout some interesting facts, you may not know.

Eddie Jackson

Eddie Jackson was born on December 19. 1980. in Richardson, Texas. Today he is famous for his talent in cooking. But before he became a chef, he started his career as a football cornerback for various teams. The teams he played for include the Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and the Washington Redskins. After retiring, he became a personal trainer and owned a food truck called Caribbean Grill.

He took his debut as a chef in season four of MasterChef in 2013, where he came at eighth place. In 2015, he joined the 11th season of the Food Network Star and won the competition. Eddie Jackson hosted and served as a judge and in a couple of cooking shows in Food Network. Now, he currently hosts the Christmas Cookie Challenge.

Lee Nguyen

Another member of the club of famous people from Richardson is Lee Nguyen. Nguyen was born on October 07, 1986, in Richardson. Although he is born in the US, he holds dual citizenship with Vietnam as the other. As a child, he fell in love with soccer due to his father, an avid fan. Growing up, he roamed the Dallas metroplex to gain experience. Later on, he joined the Dallas Texans under Hassan Nazari’s coaching, an Iranian World Cup player. He played in the team when he was 10 and won many tournaments and state cups. This gave way for him to play for the US national teams.

Since them he played for various soccer teams nationally and internationally. Today, Lee Nguyen plays as the midfielder for the Ho Chi Minh City Football Club in the V.League 1. The league is the current highest professional level football league in Vietnam.

Daniel Woods

Bouldering is not a hobby or sport that just anyone can fancy. That is why people who engage in such activity deserves some applause. One of the most famous professional climbers out there specialized in bouldering is David Woods. He was born in Richardson on August 01, 1989, and found his love for climbing at a young age. This love spurred him to join countless climbing competitions and became one of the most famous boulder climbers today.

This love of bouldering pushed David to become of the most prolific establishers of bouldering problems. Some of the areas he established include Magic Wood in Switzerland, South Africa, Rocklands, and the US. Bouldering also helped him earn over 200,000 followers on Instagram!


Many talented and famous people call the Richardson area their home. Eddie Jackson, Lee Nguyen, and David Woods are just three among the lot there is. But still, it’s quite interesting to know a few details of these three people, and some interesting facts about them.