Everyone is Moving to Dallas Texas

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Everyone is Moving to Dallas Texas

More and more people are moving to Dallas every day from their current cities to experience a new life in a booming place.

If you are considering moving to Dallas, then you are not the only one. Many people from California, New York City, Chicago, and other US cities move to Dallas. They go because Dallas has a lot to offer with increased GDP and booming housing.

But that is not all. Moving to Dallas proves to be much more than just a move from one place to another. It will also be a move that will surely change your life. If you are thinking of making a move from your current location to Dallas, then do so. Be one of the people from the cities we listed here who moved to Dallas.

Which Cities Are People Moving to Dallas From?

Are you thinking of moving? But not sure where to go? Then, move to Dallas. The city is one of the fastest-growing US cities. The unemployment rate is low, and the GDP is high. The average salary is also higher than in some other states. So, whether you are moving for family, for employment, or even to start life anew, Dallas is the place for you, just like all the people from the cities below.


Austin is a lovely city that many people decide that moving from Dallas to Austin is a pretty good idea. But at the same time, many also end up moving from Austin to Dallas. If you move from Austin to Dallas, then the current average is between $1200 to $1600 for the move. Of course, it still best to talk to the moving company and get a quote.


Aside from Dallas, Houston is another Texan city that gets swamped by movers each year. If you are moving from Dallas to Houston, the current rates are $1500 to $1800 for an average 1-bedroom apartment. But if you are moving into a house with three or more rooms, it will cost you a higher price.


Despite the distance of over 900 miles, many people think that moving to Dallas from Chicago is a great decision for a change of a pace of location. If you think the same, then you might want to know that the current price of moving is a bit expensive with a range from $2200 to $6300. You can negotiate with a moving company on what is the exact cost for you.

New York City

Dubbed as “the city that never sleeps,” New York City is a buzzing metropolis. And living in a place with so much hype and energy every day, can turn tiresome for many, especially those who prefers a much calmer but still lively scene. With this in mind, many New York City folks end up moving to Dallas from NYC. If you are the same, then you need to prep around $1700 to $5000, to support your move.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, often playfully called the City of Angels, is another city where many people who to Dallas are from. Moving from Los Angeles to Dallas will generally cost around $3500 to $6000. So if you are moving from LA to Dallas, or just generally moving to Dallas from California, you have to consider this pricing range.


Being a seaport city, Seattle is a great place to stay, if you are fond of great beaches. And just like Seattle, Dallas also boosts a beauty of its own. This beauty is what draws people moving from Seattle to Dallas. If you want to move and experience what Dallas has to offer, a move from Seattle will cost you about $3700-$10000.


Whether you are from Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, and other places, we are sure that you will find moving to Dallas a great experience. And that experience will become even better if you can find the best moving company to help you move. Hiring a moving company will make life easier, safer, and faster. So when you make your move, make sure to get in touch with a good moving company like Richardson Rocket Moving Company to get you prepped and ready for the great adventure!