Annual Events in Richardson, TX

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Every year visitors and locals anticipate the annual events in Richardson. These events are a blast with activities that people can enjoy.

These annual events in Richardson attract both locals and tourists. Do not miss out on the chance to experience the Cottonwood Art Festival. Or maybe art and music at the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival is more for you. Regardless, you, your family, and your friends will surely have fun!

All these events happen annually, and people flock each year to celebrate. So, if you are residential moving to Richardson, you will surely experience these fun events. Immerse yourself with the community and enjoy a great time at these events.

Annual Events in Richardson You Will Enjoy

Richardson, TX is a hub of many exciting events that give everyone a giddy sense of joy and excitement. You can go to these events and experience another side of Richardson that you should definitely not miss.

Cottonwood Art Festival

The Cottonwood Art Festival is held every first weekend of May and October. People flock to Cottonwood Park every year to celebrate art and discover many talented artists. This is definitely an experience you should not miss!

annual events in Richardson, cottonwood art festival
Arts, crafts, and more

Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival

The Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival is another fun experience that you should miss. This award-winning celebration happens every third weekend of May for three days. You should not miss the chance to celebrate art and enjoy regional cuisines. And do not forget to jam to the music during the concerts as well!

annual events at Richardson, Wildflower Arts & Music Festival
Enjoying the beat of the music

Family 4th Celebration

The annual events in Richardson will not be complete without celebrating the 4th of July. The event is held every year at Breckinridge Park. Families can spend time together on a picnic and have fun. It is a great way to commemorate independence with your loved ones. And at night you can enjoy the magnificent fireworks display. So, it’s time to gather the family living in and around Richardson to commemorate together.

annual events at Richardson, family 4th celebration
4th of July Celebration

Huffhines Art Trails

The Fall of October does not lack activities and the Huffhines Art Trails at the Huffhines Park. Bring your family over to the park on the third weekend of October. There are many knickknacks to choose from. Maybe you can bring home a unique gift you’ve always been mauling over! If not that, then enjoy the food, music and the different contests!

Huffhines Art Trails
Scarecrow at the festival


Who says only people get to enjoy during annual events in Richardson, Texas? Our pooches get to enjoy too! Do not miss out on the chance to celebrate the day with your dog in October. If you can have fun, so does your dog with its pals on a day especially for them!

Dog celebrating with its owner

Santa’s Village

Christmas is such a fun event and Richardson dedicates just a specific village for people to visit and meet Ol’ Nick himself. Venture to Santa’s village (lawn of the City Hall) and explore with the fam, or join the fun entertainments prepared.

annual events in Richardson, Santa's village
Meet Santa at his village

Richardson’s Christmas Parade

Christmas at Richardson will not be complete without the annual Christmas parade. The parade takes place every first Saturday of December. Checkout the creative floats with the kids and wave at Santa or his elves!

Christmas parade with Santa
Christmas parade with Santa


Annual events in Richardson are always exciting. Whether it’s the art festivals, the music, or Christmas events, there is still something for everyone to enjoy. So, don’t miss out on the fun in the Richardson area!

But due to recent circumstances and health risks, do checkout updates on these events and other ordinances here.